8:30 am-Opening
→Exploration & Learning: Arrivals, Breakfast, Learning Center opportunities
8:30 am
→setting in, clean up
8:45 am
→Morning Circle Time: Weather Observation, Monthly Calendar, Your Opinion Counts, Daily Jobs, Kids of Character, Review of Choice Time Activities 
9:00 am
→Song & Poem Time
9:15 am
→Outdoor Play Time
9:45 am
→Story Time
10:00 am
→*Pre-Kindergarten Choice Time: Individual, partner, and/or small group Child-directed and teacher-facilitated work, observations and assessments
11:00 am
→Transition/clean up
11:15 am
→Hand washing/prepare for lunch
11: 45 am
12:15 pm
→Quiet Time
1:45 pm
→Transition/afternoon snack
2:00 pm
→Music & Movement
2:15 pm
→*Pre-Kindergarten Choice Time
3:15 pm
→Transition/clean up
3:30 pm
→Outdoor Play Time
4:00 pm
→Afternoon Circle Time: Review of the day, Preview of tomorrow
4:15 pm-Closing
→Exploration &Learning: Learning Center opportunities, Welcoming

*Choice Time includes opportunities to explore and create in the following Learning Centers: Science & Sensorial Center, Math & Manipulative Center, Creativity & Art Center, Reading & Listening Center, Writing Center, Dramatic Play Center and Construction & Design Center




This daycare services families who either reside, or are employed in Sunrise, Plantation, Tamarac, Ft. Lauderdale, and all surrounding cities.


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