In order to provide quality care we implement curriculums that have proven strategies for teaching children in different age groups. Academic learning is the basis for all of our curriculums; however, educators also focus special attention to developing the social and emotional sides of a child’s mind and personality in order to provide a well-balanced experience at our school.
High Reach Curriculum
Children learn best when they are learning what interests them. HighReach Learning curriculum integrates content through topics of study that are chosen to engage children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder in the world around them. Our Big Idea Topics start with a small concept, which can be expanded and built upon in many different directions. Every exploration presents opportunities to build and extend a child’s knowledge base. When provided with meaningful concepts that are a part of their everyday lives, children focus on making connections and solving problems, becoming amazingly deep and powerful thinkers.
My Baby Can Read
We like to use this program for our youngest age groups to expose them to literacy basics through repetition of sound, sight recognition of words by memorization of pictures and letters grouped together. These videos are played twice a day in the toddlers and two’s classrooms and strengthen the auditory and visual based learning skills at this early stage.
Spanish Emergent Program
Most of our staff and teachers speak Spanish as a first or second language. We believe that children who are exposed to more than one language have an advantage in areas such as reading, communication skills and social aptitude. Included in each of our curriculums, we teach vocabulary using “the word of the day in Spanish” and tie it into the English language lesson assigned at the time.





This daycare services families who either reside, or are employed in Sunrise, Plantation, Tamarac, Ft. Lauderdale, and all surrounding cities.


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