A peek at where we learn and play

Here at World of Learning Academy we provide a safe nurturing and secure environment for our students. In 2012 we expanded our facility to include four new classrooms, brand new playground. Our school is fully Equipped to 'de an environment ideal for fun and learning both inside and outside of the classroom. A computer lab in each classroom gives children the opportunity to learn technology while playing academic games that reinforce core curriculum skills such as phonics, reading & listening concepts and math subjects like sorting, counting, adding and subtracting.

Outside play is a very important aspect of our daily schedule.

Children go outside to enjoy fresh air and take part in spontaneous free play. Our remodeled playground includes age appropriate play sets with slides, small bridges and towers that promote imaginative play.

A designated basketball court area for school age kids and sidewalk

space for riding tricycles and other toys with wheels is also available. All of these elements ensure that our students are kept active and safely entertained during the school day.

Upon enrollment, parents are given access the building and daily basis.

Visitors and prospective families that wish to tour of the school are buzzed in by a staff member and need to be cleared by the front office in order classrooms. To ensure the security our students and staff, each classroom is equipped with security cameras that are monitored and viewed by the director periodically.

Awesome learning